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Boardroom Spirits Launches ‘C’ – A Spirit Distilled Entirely From Raw Carrots

Boardroom Spirits Launches ‘C’ – A Spirit Distilled Entirely From Raw Carrots

First came an all-beet spirit—B. Now, just in time for spring, Lansdale, Pa.-based Boardroom Spirits announces the launch of C, a 92-proof eau de vie-style spirit created entirely from raw carrots.

C has the same kitchen-to-bar versatility as B does. It takes about 12.5 pounds of carrots to create one 375-ml bottle of C. (The entire batch itself, for the first C release, made use of 2,000 pounds of carrots.) Much like all of Boardroom Spirit’s products, C is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, added sugars or preservatives.

C spirit, Boardroom

The spirit itself exudes a sweet, fragrant aroma comparable to freshly shaven carrots with hints of fennel and a flavor profile combining apple-like fruitiness against the refreshing carrot. Its flavor lends itself to enormous adaptability, perfect to be consumed as an aperitif or digestive, added as an interesting vegetal addition to a Bloody Mary, when combined with ginger beer or as a creative twist on a Moscow Mule. (We tried it blended remarkably well in a margarita at Aldine, as mixed with silver tequila, rosemary, black pepper and lime.)

Charge, Aldine

The bottle design is an ode to the periodic table of elements—which is appropriate since ‘C’ is the result of creative chemistry combined with the distilling heritage, technology, experience, and overall ingenuity of Boardroom’s Armenian and Hungarian founders. It pays homage to Pálinka, a traditional fruit brandy regulated by European Union law in Hungary and invented in the Middle Ages.

“We are very eager to bring the first 100% carrot-based spirit to the U.S. market and based on the success of B, feel this new product will be a natural, delicious addition to an industry rife with so many unnatural flavors these days,” said Marat Mamedov, Founder, Boardroom Spirits. “Raw carrots have a naturally sweet flavor and aroma and much like springtime, awaken all of the five senses.”

Eager for your own bottle of the vegetable-based, clear craft spirit that’s sure to round out your Easter dinner spread or your springtime bar at home? It’s available for sale at Boardroom’s distillery and can be found nationally through Ezra’s. Find it stocked on hand at Philly-area bars including Aldine, Martha and Harvest.

Stay tuned for spirit updates from Boardroom. Learn more about their product line—including a vodka, gin and rum—here. You can visit the distillery too at 575 W. Third St. in Lansdale, Pa. Hours of operation: Wednesday–Friday. 4–9 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m.–9 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

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