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Chaddsford Winery Launches New Beer Program on the Patio

Chaddsford Winery Launches New Beer Program on the Patio

written by John Henry Scott

Chaddsford Winery, in operation since 1982, will be switching some things up for their spring/summer season. For a while now, brewpubs have been able to carry Pennsylvania wine but just last year new legislation made the inverse possible.

“I was a beer guy first and a wine guy second,” said Corey Krejcik, Vice President of the winery. “I know of a lot of the players in the Philly craft beer scene. When the laws shifted last year, I already had a short list of brands that I knew and admired. So we set out to strengthen some ties, as in if they carry certain wines of ours, we would to try to bring in their beers. The beers on our spring/summer menu reflect a lot of those relationships.”


Here’s the Chaddsford Winery’s spring/summer beer list interspersed with some commentary from Krejcik:

Neshaminy Creek Highwater Hefeweizen: Best Hefeweizen this side of Germany. 

2SP Delco Lager: Since they opened, they’ve been bringing in some of our wine. It’s been so cool to see these guys getting more recognition. Delco Lager is a no-brainer for us since a lot of our customers come up from Delaware County.

Lancaster Brewing Kolsch: We’re carrying their Kolsch – an awesome summer beer. They reached out to us when they opened their taproom so they’ve been carrying our wine for a few months. It was a perfect marriage.

St. Benjamin Brewery Inca:  So unique, it walks that line between a cream ale and a pale ale – a nice talking point for our customers.

Conshohocken Brewing Puddlers Row ESB: A nice example of an ESB. We’ll probably be moving over to the blood orange IPA [Blood Money] later in the summer. Blood orange is just so hot right now. We think our customers would really enjoy that.

Locust Lane Craft Brewery Pale Ale: One of the closest breweries to where I live. I pass them every day on my way to work. They don’t package any other way besides draft so they’ll have a spot on our tap system. They make really solid, base styles.


In addition to the beer list, Chaddsford will also feature three new wines this season. For the first 30 years of its existence, owners Eric and Lee Miller focused on demonstrating that solid, dry wines could be produced in the region. When they retired in 2011, the focus of the winery shifted toward the sweeter side of their portfolio which sells well in state liquor stores. When Krejcik came on in 2015, they began to work towards rebalancing that portfolio.

Here is a list of the new wines, again accompanied by Krejcik’s commentary:

The newest release that we have is our 2016 Sauvignon Blanc from our Estate Vineyard in Lower Oxford about 20 minutes away from our property, arguably some of the best vines in the state.

We just released our Dry Rosé which is a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Blanc, Pinot Noir blend. Dry Rosé is a style that has really been gaining a lot of attention in the last few years. It’s nice to see the growth of that in the interest of our customers. We’ve got a really dynamite bottle here.

Later on in the summer, we’ll release a follow-up to a red wine blend that we have called Harbinger. This one will be a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin blend.


Currently, in terms of cuisine, Chaddsford is known for their food trucks, which are featured at their larger events. This season they’ll be branching out with a limited menu for their patio service. Their signature item will be a tater-tot belgian waffle, designed to pair well with either a sweet or a dry wine. They’ll also have nachos which are a nod to their sangria, Chaddsford’s biggest summer seller. Other mainstays will be cheeses and charcuterie, pickled veggies, and a pickled salad made with mushrooms from their supplier in Kennett Square.

Chaddsford will still have food trucks and customers will still be able to bring in their own food. Table service will be available on the patio which was previously bar service only.

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