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Roy Pitz Science-Forward Taproom Opening in Philly June 1st

Roy Pitz Science-Forward Taproom Opening in Philly June 1st

written by John Henry Scott


Roy Pitz has made the official grand opening date June 1st. Details on the opening celebration can be found here.

Roy Pitz, the renowned Chambersburg brewery, will be opening a new location at 9th and Spring Garden in Mid-May. The Philadelphia chapter of the brewery though will be a little different from their operation in Chambersburg. Instead of production, the Roy Pitz Barrel House will focus on changing, blending and transforming already-brewed beers through the use of conicals and barrel-aging processes.

“The focus will be science-forward beers,” said Mike Treon, head of business operations for Roy Pitz and general manager of the Spring Garden location. “We’re going to back up these more experimental beers with a full portfolio of traditional and true-to-style beers made at our production brewery in Chambersburg.”

The new location will be larger than the one in Chambersburg and the Roy Pitz team has worked with local designers and contractors to build the space from the ground up.


“All the metal work in the space was done by friends of ours from Chambersburg. All the wordworking was done by our co-founder’s father and brother,” said Treon. “We’re proud of our DIY craftsman approach.”

Roy Pitz is in its 9th year now and its 7th since it began wholesaling beer in Philadelphia. Since then the Philadelphia craft beer scene has grown exponentially. The brewery sees its expansion as an opportunity to come in and introduce their beer to a greater audience. Treon said they’re especially excited to be moving into the newly-rebranded Spring Arts neighborhood (located between 8th and 12th, east to west and Spring Garden and Noble, north to south) where they will neighbor local hotspots such as Union Transfer and W/N W/N Coffee.

“We wanted to be around that community and foster that craftsman/artist feel,” said Treon. “We saw that as akin to our brand. We’re excited about the development planned for the next few years, especially the rail park expansion.”


The science-forward focus of the location will include barrel-aged, funky, and sour beers. There will be a barrel wall in the space so the beer can be aged in-house. Roy Pitz brewers hope to educate their patrons on topics such as wild fermentation, yeast collection, and the science behind these less-conventional beers.

However, only a few taps will be dedicated to these experimental drafts. There will also be a host of Chambersburg-brewed Roy Pitz beers including a kolsch, a seasonal pilsner, a helles watermelon lager for the summer season, and a house IPA. Roy Pitz currently brews 16-20 different beers at its Chambersburg location, so the tap list at Spring Garden will be something of a revolving door.


“I look at our draft list as a portfolio that appeals to a lot of different tastes and a lot of different people,” said Treon

As far as food goes, co-founder Ryan Richards brother, Mike Richards has been the chef for Roy Pitz since day one. He will be moving to the Philadelphia location to build their menu.

“I’d describe it as higher-end gastropub food,” said Treon. “We’ll have wings and really good burgers. Great salads. We’re gonna be open for lunch. Short ribs. House pickles, pickled eggs, and kimchi. Things like that to really add to the sour, funky flavor you’ll be getting from some of our beers.”

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