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Urban Village Brewery Set to Open in Schmidt’s Commons June 1st.

Urban Village Brewery Set to Open in Schmidt’s Commons June 1st.

written by John Henry Scott

Urban Village Brewing, located at the Schmidt’s Commons, will be opening June 1st, coinciding with the start of Philly Beer Week.

“We didn’t plan it but it’s a perfect time to celebrate our new opening during a week that everyone is celebrating craft beer,” said Tom Revelli, co-owner and general manager of Urban Village.

Urban Village is a brewpub with a 7 barrel system, a full food menu and 160-seat capacity which includes both indoor and outdoor seating.  

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Their focus is freshness (time from completion to consumption will not exceed two weeks) with a concentration on IPAs and stouts. The beer list will feature a rotating cast of 12 beers (sometimes a 13th will be available out of a cask engine).

Their signature beer will be a rye IPA, which tastes, according Revelli, like drinking rye bread.

Other styles to look forward to include a Berliner Weisse spiked with 300 pounds of beets, a Belgian golden aged on oak spirals, and a smoked vanilla porter. You can find the full opening beer list here


“Making beer has always been about making beer I’ve wanted to drink myself,” said Dave Goldman, head brewer and co-owner at Urban Village. “ I’ve been drinking hoppy beers for a very long time. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has been my go-to for years.”

In the past 8-10 years, as the options for hoppy beer expanded exponentially, Goldman began to hone his palate and apply this refinement to his brewing. Goldman also attended the Brewing School at USciences and interned at Double Nickel Brewing in New Jersey to help prepare for his first head brewer position.

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In addition to the beer list, Urban Village will also have a full-service bar featuring local wine and spirits from the Greater Philadelphia area. Crowlers will be available for take-out.

The food menu will revolve around brick-oven pizza but will also feature sandwiches and bar snacks.

“We’ll make our bread with natural leaven (as opposed to commercial yeast) from a sourdough starter,” said Revelli. “I think the food service and the outdoor experience are going to be two of the biggest elements that are unique to us.”

Ricotta, mozzarella, and pepperoni for the pizzas will also all be made in-house. The menu will change seasonally with the beer.

When asked about their choice to set up shop in Northern Liberties, Revelli said we were attracted to the craft beer-friendly climate of the neighborhood.

“Every bar and restaurant offers a selection of craft beer,” he said. “We wanted to make a brewery that the neighborhood could call their own.”

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