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Tonewood Brewery Celebrates One Year In Oaklyn

Tonewood Brewery Celebrates One Year In Oaklyn

written by John Henry Scott

The weekend of June 3rd marks the one-year anniversary of the family-owned Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn, New Jersey. Brewmaster and co-founder Eli Facchinei is thankful for the outpouring of support from the town and surrounding communities over the course of the past year.

“We didn’t expect it to take off so quickly,” he said. “But we’re in the middle of our third expansion. We’re a couple years ahead of schedule.”

Tonewood’s production facility and tasting room is located in a warehouse on West Clinton Avenue in Downtown Oaklyn. The large building is divided into smaller units which are leased by a variety of businesses. Tonewood has, since their opening, twice purchased additional space in this building. In addition to providing more room for dry storage, their barrel-aging program, and their canning operation, each expansion also increases Tonewood’s fermentation capacity.

Tonewood has been canning beer for 2 months now, offering three different beers so far: Poolside Lager (Mexican-Style Lager), Fuego (Hazy IPA), and SIPA (American Session IPA). 

“One of the problems we’re dealing with right now is keeping up with demand for the cans,” said Facchinei. “We’re in the process of adding two more [making a total of five] 30-barrel fermenters so that we can make our beer more readily available to retail spaces.”

Currently, these beers are only available periodically at 10-12 bars and liquor stores in the South Jersey region but expansion to Philadelphia is planned for the near near future.

The next year will also see the expansion of Tonewood’s barrel-aging program which began 8 months ago using wine barrels. The Facchineis (Eli, his brother, girlfriend, and parents) will be assessing the contents of some of these barrels soon and determining how to move forward.

Also soon to be available are 16-ounce cans of select Tonewood beers, exclusively available at the tasting room.

“I want to give a big thanks to all the people who supported us and drank our beer,” said Facchinei, reflecting on the past year. “We’re in a great position following our first year because of you.”

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