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Brooklyn Brewery Mash Returns to Philly with Beer Mansion

Brooklyn Brewery Mash Returns to Philly with Beer Mansion

You don’t think you could get through summer without Brooklyn Brewery’s Mash Tour returning to our dear city, did you? The Mash Tour is back August 11-12 at West Philly’s The Woodlands Mansion & Cemetery and this year, Brooklyn Brewery is focusing on one two-day event: Beer Mansion.

Here’s the deal: Beer Mansion seeks to educate both beer experts and novices alike with a free-spirited adventure and party at The Woodlands, a post-revolutionary mansion that traces its roots back to 1770, when it served as the home of William Hamilton. The sprawling estate sits on 54 lush acres, featuring 720 trees and 10,000 species of plants, with a gated cemetery where famous Philadelphians such as Thomas Eakins and Rembrandt Peale are buried. Built in 1840, the cemetery will serve as the entrance for Beer Mansion and guests will be allowed to meander through a field of sculpted tombstones on their way to Hamilton’s neo-classical mansion.

The event is interactive and features five themed tasting rooms, such as:

  • Tart of the Tropics: A stroll through all things breezy, sour & fruity with sour ales and citrus-forward IPAs
  • The Forest: Wander through the cool, the funky & the sublime with hoppy lagers, American brown ales and piney IPAs
  • The Darkness: Spend some time behind the cloak with porters, stouts and black lagers
  • The Stoop: Kick back for a while; it’s the Brooklyn way, especially with Kolschs, pilsners, blondes and table beers
  • The Anatomy of a Beer: A pause at the intersection of art & science with a deconstructed tasting of Brooklyn Brewery’s Kiwi’s Playhouse, a zesty sour ale oak-aged on fresh kiwi fruit

Plus, local breweries are joining in on the fun, including Saint BenjaminEvil Genius, Free Will, and Levante. Philly restaurants can’t miss out on the party, including Bar Amis, Local 215 and Revolution Taco.

Okay, and there’s more: live music by local bands (Friday: The Orange Drop and Marge; Saturday: Grubby Little Hands and Mumblr) and a whole bunch of art+tech+games+can’t-tell-you-yet surprises throughout each night. But in advance, here’s some teasers such as deliciously quirky additions within the mansion, like a Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chip Wall, a McClure’s Bloody Mary Bar, Beef Jerky from Lawless Jerky and a mighty cheese spread from Di Bruno Bros.

By purchasing a ticket ($55+; on sale here), you’ll get access to unlimited beer tastings while exploring Beer Mansion’s five themed tasting rooms, along with four Philadelphia breweries and one local cider (Kurant!). Tickets are good for one-night only (reminder: there’s two nights!).

More information is available here. Beer Mansion will hit additional cities, including London, Paris, Gothenburg, Chicago and D.C. Get jazzed for the August event by watching the below trailer, too!

Photo: Brooklyn Brewery

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