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Gobletstock Returns This Weekend

Gobletstock Returns This Weekend

It’s officially brewery anniversary season. Last week Sterling Pig celebrated two years and we filled you in on details of Crime & Punishments two year anniversary this Saturday. Then at the end of the month, Aston’s 2SP Brewing Company is celebrating their second year of brewing. Also celebrating this Saturday though is Bucks County’s Broken Goblet Brewing Company with their annual Gobletstock festival.

Goblestock 3 will celebrate the third year for the Bristol based brewery with an all-out beer and music festival. The team at Broken Goblet is as passionate about music as they are their beer and it’s on full display for their anniversary celebrations. If you’ve made it to a Band of Brewers over the last two years, you know what Broken Goblet is all about when it comes to music. You can check out this years wining performance here. As important as the music is, we’ll start with the beer details for the festival.

Throughout the course of the day, Broken Goblet will tap 44 different beers! That’s an incredible amount of beers for any brewery to tap. For a small, 3-barrel brewery, that is quite the feat. The full list of beers is below, along with the map of where to find each beer and when the kegs will be tapped. There are an assortment of rarities and firkins that will have special tap times to make sure everyone has a fair chance at getting a pour. Some of the standouts for the fest include:

refermented it in a Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Barrel using East Coast Yeast’s BUGFARM, a mixed culture of wild
yeast and lactic bacteria. We also threw in about 12 pounds of black cherries, and let that bad boy sit for
almost a year. The result is a silky ale that combines sweetness of the stout with the sour cherry flavor we
expected, and a slightly boozy finish.This beer represents much of what we are about – playful
experimentation with fruit and flavors, unexpected combinations, and our love for dark beers.

COXCOMB & CROWN – We took last year’s anniversary ale, Fool’s and Kings Belgian-style Dubbel,
and refermented it in a used Dad’s Hat Rye whiskey barrel. Wild Yeast cultivated locally in Bristol was
added and went to town, creating a tart but balanced ale. The best part? The whiskey notes that hit
right at the end of the sip, creating a dry finish that sits on the dark fruit flavors that are emerging after
the tartness fades. It’s a complex profile, but one that we think you will really enjoy! Special thanks to our
own Justin for the work on this one.

All the beers for the event will be $5 and they will be selling beer tickets to speed up the beer lines. Proceeds from the event will also be donated to the Philadelphia ALS Association, so you can know that your beer money is going to a good cause.

On to the music. They’ll have a professional stage and sound setup with a full schedule of bands to keep you entertained throughout the event. This years lineup will be headlined by Philly favorites, The Sherwood Brothers. The rest of lineup includes Walt Lafty of Silverside, Harlowe Jones, Stealing Fame, and Cella Bere & The Attitude. Here’s the schedule for the day:

2:00 – Calla Bere & The Attitude
4:00 – Harlowe Jones
5:15 – Walt Lafty (Silvertide)
6:30 – The Sherwood Brothers

The festivities run from 3:00-8:00 on Saturday and is free to attend. For those loyal Broken Goblet fans who are members of the Irregulars Club, the doors will open at 2:00, providing an hour of early access to the beers and the first band.

Nick’s Famous Roast Beef and Jay’s Steak and Hoagie Joint will be setup all day serving food. There will be some tables and chairs setup, but bringing chairs is encouraged (pop-up tents will not be permitted this year though). You also may want to bring a bathing suit as they’ll once again have the giant slip & slide pictured above set up.

There will be parking available, but as this is a drinking event, public transportation is encouraged. The Croydon Station stop off Regional Rail is 1.3 miles away, from which you could walk or take an Uber.



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