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Opening this Saturday: Fishtown Brewpub

Opening this Saturday: Fishtown Brewpub

The brewery scene in Fishtown is about to get another addition this weekend. The long-awaited Fishtown Brewpub is officially opening its doors this Saturday, at 1101 Frankford Ave, conveniently located between The Fillmore and the corner of Frankford & Girard Avenue’s.

The brewpub is being opened by Jack Lyons, who’s dipping his toes into the brewery scene for the first time. He has some background managing bars, having run a Camden-based bar a number of years back, but currently runs his families cocoa distribution warehouse, Lyons & Sons Inc.. A Fishtown resident though, he was anxious to get back into the industry and have a neighborhood bar of his own.

The brewery side will be run by Steven D’Eva, who most recently served as the brewer at Brotherton Brewery in New Jersey, where he received rave reviews for his rustic IPA’s and farmhouse-style beers. You may also recognize his name as the former chef at the Tired Hands Brew Cafe. Once Steve gets going with brewing, you can expect to see 8-12 house beers on draft all the time. For his first eight beers going in the tanks, pictured below, you can expect a lot of hops, but he’s also mixing things up with an ESB and a golden mild. If you’ve ever had one of Steve’s IPA’s from Brotheron, you can be assured that those hoppy beers won’t disappoint.

Unfortunately, when the pub opens on Saturday, none of Steve’s beers will be available yet. You can expect them to start showing up on tap about a week after they open. In the meantime, Jack has lined up a variety of beers to fill the tap lines, as well as a few bottle and can options and a cocktail menu.

On Saturday’s opening though, the kitchen will be in full swing. Headed up by Justin Koenig, who recently returned from a stint working in San Francisco, he’s taking the farm fresh, seasonal approach with the menu. The menu is broken into three parts: Small Plates, Large Plates and Snacks + Sweets. The gastropub-type menu features such items as house-made fish sticks, “South Philly Style” Beef Tar Tar, Beef Cheek Pierogis, and a Foie Gras “Uncrustable.” Of course there’s also the classics such as burgers(which you can also add foie gras to) and wings.

The 80 seat pub (30 of which are at the bar), officially opens at noon on July 29th. Following that, the hours will be 4:00pm-2:00am Tuesday through Friday and 10:00am-2:00am on weekends. Brunch service will start on August 5th. The kitchen will remain open till about 1:00am every night.

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