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Manatawny Still Works Debuts New Local Honey-Flavored Whiskey

Manatawny Still Works Debuts New Local Honey-Flavored Whiskey

The latest local spirit news comes by way of the Pottstown-headquartered Manatawny Still Works. As of Oct. 14, they are officially slinging the newest release of its Small Batch Series—BATCH14, a honey-flavored whiskey that blends two of Chester County’s Swarmbustin’ honeys, the Buckwheat and Fall Wildflower Honey, to create an intense whiskey that provides sweet honey character without losing the bite of the whiskey.

Here’s the deal on BATCH14:

Several vintages of Swarmbustin’ Buckwheat and Fall Wildflower Honey were blended to create this cloudy spirit that comes with the note, “shake well” before imbibing. The whiskey starts with a velvety sweet honey taste, balancing the tannins from the oak. It then shines through with a pleasant bite before fading into the intricacy of the honeys.

Its nose eludes honey, oak and wildflowers. On the palate, expect sweet honey, caramel, vanilla and malt.
When it hits your tongue, you’ll experience a velvety sweetness and rich honey character that challenges the tannins from the oak. (Fun fact: it was aged in a 53-gallon New American White Oak, #4 char.)

The Small-Batch Whiskey Series is an opportunity for MSW’s head distiller Max Pfeffer to experiment. With each batch, he tries out a different mash bill, varying the time aged or adjusting the proof of the spirit. In BATCH14’s case, it is a chance to blend the whiskey in with another local artisan product. Pfeffer has been a fan of Swarmbustin’ Honey since his parents moved next to a hive years ago. Long-intrigued by the idea of a craft honey whiskey, Pfeffer set out to make this spirit.

“This is not your usual honey whiskey, because it’s not overly sweet. We purposely blended this batch of whiskey to have a bite so it wouldn’t get lost when we added the honey.” Like several of MSW’s small batch series, this one is a collaboration that gives customers an exciting product they haven’t tasted the likes of before. Pfeffer, who is also MSW’s Director of Operations adds, “the guys at Swarmbustin’ Honey make the best honey and we chose some of their richest varieties to lend a unique flavor to the whiskey.”

Grab your bottle in the city at the distillery’s tasting room found at 1603 East Passyunk Avenue or distillery’s HQ. 750 ml bottles are available for $44.99 per bottle.

Learn more about MSW online and be sure to follow ’em on Facebook and Instagram.

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