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Tria Taproom Celebrates Its 4th Birthday with $4 Specials All Day

Tria Taproom Celebrates Its 4th Birthday with $4 Specials All Day

On Monday, November 13, Tria Taproom will celebrate its four years of success on Walnut Street. In honor of the celebration, Tria will be cycling through one mighty specials list, featuring every hour on the hour a different $4 craft-on-draft beverage.

Check out their teaser of a specials line-up (you have to go and celebrate to know the specifics!) and start plotting when you’ll be making an appearance to get sipping in celebration. (Brownie points if you can marathon through the full day’s affair!)

Tria Taproom’s 4 Year Agenda:

12 noon a domestic Cider from one of their favorite producers—something light and autumnal, perfect with lunch
1 p.m. a Witbier – specifically, Allagash White, a mainstay since Day One at Tria Taproom
2 p.m. a tempting Seasonal from their portfolio of end-of-autumn favorites
3 p.m. one of their craft-on-draft Cocktails
4 p.m. a Red Wine, chosen to showcase their 12 wine taps (did you know they had 12 wines on tap?!)
5 p.m. it’s time for “What’s Good” Happy Hour! MondayThursday, 5 to 7 p.m., they feature assorted drafts starting at just $4. Enjoy the anniversary’s $4 pick and come back again for more selections at friendly prices.
7 p.m. a White Wine from a top local winery, highlighting their commitment to local wine AND beer
8 p.m. a Porter / Stout—you know, since it’s now dark outside
9 p.m. a funky Sour to keep the party going
10 p.m. a bold DIPA, strong enough to stand up to the Cocktail Hour features: MondayThursday, starting at 10 p.m., all cocktails are just $9.
11 p.m. a rare and prized American IPA – one of Tria’s favorite styles, and a tribute to the ongoing ingenuity and creativity of the craft beer community of which they are proud to be a part.

Additionally, as part of the occasion, Tria will bust out a special flight, “4 Beers for 4 Years,” spotlighting four local luminaries whose beers they’re proud to feature. Find Tria Taproom for all the festivities at 2005 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. For more details, follow ’em online, Facebook and Instagram. Happy 4 Years, Tria Taproom!

Photo: Steve Legato

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