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Epoxy Flooring

As one of the leading epoxy floor companies in Riverside, Corona, Phoenix, Nevada, Meridian, San Diego and Detroit among others. Our epoxy floor contractors have decades of combined experience installing specialized epoxy solutions for homeowners and commercial properties. This versatile floor system can be used for a wide range of applications with benefits you can’t get with other floor systems. No matter what you are envisioning, we can make it happen with custom epoxy formulations. Epoxy Flooring Nampa has been on the fore front to allow this to be done in the best way possible.

It may look like paint going on but epoxy flooring isn’t paint. It’s a robust and versatile flooring system created when resin and a hardener are combined and chemically react to form an ultra-strong plastic material. Epoxy floor coatings bond with the concrete substrate to create a floor that’s stronger than concrete itself. Epoxy is so strong that it’s frequently used in high-demand industrial applications. Because it resists damage and degradation from everything from heavy loads and vehicle traffic to spills and chemicals, it’s the ideal floor system for almost every application.
We install epoxy flooring in several places for high-traffic areas and demanding environments like medical facilities, shopping centers, schools, and factories. We also serve homeowners with epoxy garage floors and epoxy basement floors for affordable yet attractive epoxy flooring that stands up against everything you throw at it.

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