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Band of Brewers: Volume V – THE FINAL ROUND

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The finals for Band of Brewers: Volume V is set! After two opening rounds at World Cafe Live, six breweries have played their way to a spot on stage at The TLA on November 5th for the conclusion of our biggest and best Band of Brewers yet.

The Finalists

Vault Brewing Co.

Forest & Main Brewery 

Philadelphia Brewing Co.

Yards Brewing Co.

 Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co. 

 Broken Goblet Brewery

The finalists will take the stage for one last set to find out who the winner of Band of Brewers: Volume V will be. Each band will get a twenty minute set that will be judged by our panel of local music celebrities and you the audience. The winning band will walk home with the guitar keg trophy, along with proceeds from the event going to the charity of their choosing.

Tickets to event are $15 and are available now. Tickets can be purchased through us at the link below, on LiveNation, or at The TLA box office.

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Year 1: Yeast Factory (Yards Brewing Co.)
Year 2: Brewtallica (Philadelphia Brewing Co.)
Year 3: HuemanGroup (Forest & Main)
Year 4: Stainless Maiden (Broken Goblet)
Year 5: ????

Band of Brewers is back for it’s fifth installment and this year it’s going to be bigger than ever.  In hope of including all of the areas talented brewery bands, this year, we’re expanding the event. Each year, the breweries impress more and more with how talented they are, but it’s always been impossible to squeeze in all of the breweries that want to participate, without making the event take up an entire day. So this year, we’re changing up the format a bit and having two opening rounds, followed by a finals.

Two opening rounds will be held at World Cafe Live on February 26th and June 25th. Each round will feature different local breweries and the judges and you, the audience, will pick the top three from each round to move on to the finals on September 24th at The TLA.  Spreading the opening round over two days, will also allow each band to perform for some extra minutes as no one wants the band to stop after just three songs and really started to get into a groove.

The rest of the format will stay the same. Each band will consist solely of brewery employees and there will be tons of great beer from each performing brewery. Each brewery will get up to 20 minutes for their set, after which they’ll sit down with our host to take questions and feedback from the judges. The winners will be decided by a panel of local musicians and music writers and the audience.

Here are the lineups for the opening rounds*:

February 26th:
Forest & Main
River Horse
Philadelphia Brewing Co
Neshaminy Creek

June 25th:
Broken Goblet
Crime & Punishment
Iron Hill


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For more pictures from Stacey Salter Moore Photography of last years event click here.

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