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Cool a Beer in 3 Minutes

Cool a Beer in 3 Minutes

Supposedly in the South, this is the oldest trick in the book.

Let’s say you have some buddies over and you run out of cold beers in the fridge. What’s a guy to do? You have half a case (or like some people, several cases) of beer sitting at warmer than preferred temperatures in the garage or you can run out and pick up a cold 6-pack. Now, if you’re anything like me, running out of cold beer in the fridge probably means you shouldn’t be driving. But, at the same time I’m not about to drink a warm beer either.

Popping the beer in the fridge will take an hour to cool down. Even just sticking the beer in the freezer would take a good 20 minutes or so. This is just way too slow on a hot summer day. So, here’s how you can cool down a six pack in 3 minutes to the perfect drinkable temperature.

What You Need:
A six pack (bottles or cans)
A bowl or pot large enough to fit the bodies of 6 bottles (preferably metal)
Mixing Spoon
2 trays of ice cubes
1-2 Cups Table Salt

How to Do It:
1)Place bowl/pot in a sink.
2)Add ice, salt, and enough water to fill up half of the bowl/pot.
3)Stir until salt is dissolved.
4)Add beers and make sure they are covered up to the neck with the icy water. You may need to add a bit more water.
5)Place in the freezer (If you don’t, it may just take an extra minute or 2)
6)After 3 minutes, pull the beers out. You should find that they are at the perfect temperature.

How It Works:
The trick is in the salt. It may sound unusual considering that in winter, we drop salt on the ice to raise the temperature and make it melt, but in this case, the salt is tricked into cooling the beer. Since the salt does in fact melt the ice, it goes through a transition from a solid to liquid. When this occurs, it absorbs extra heat which keeps the water extra cold. In this case, the excess heat comes from the beers and the liquid more actively cools them.

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